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Now is the Time to Rent Your Cortland Student Apartment For the Fall

Off-campus student housing provides many benefits, including increased independence, lower costs, greater freedom and more space. Whether living alone or with friends or family, some students find it is beneficial to leave campus each day and unwind away from school pressures, while others want to be as connected as possible. There are numerous options and […]

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Things to do in Cortland New York

Cortland, NY is a beautiful and historic area which provides many unique opportunities for families, college students and professionals alike. Our university friends who enjoy affordable student housing in Cortland often bring along friends and family to share some of the area’s exciting and engaging locations and activities. There are splendid museums, concert halls, theater […]

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Now is a Good Time to Start Thinking About Next Semesters Living Arrangements

As this spring semester ends, and the next college sessions looms, affordable student housing in Cortland remains a challenge for many students. Freshman are usually required to stay on campus in the dorms but then can move into off-campus housing in the subsequent years. An unfortunate thing that happens is that many freshmen begin the […]

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Cortland Student Rentals, Your Apartment Rental Professionals in Cortland, NY

Planning to live off-campus while attending Cortland State or TC3? Living off campus can save you a lot of money, headaches, and frustration.¬†Apartment rentals in Cortland are sought after to house the many students in the area who prefer living on their own.¬† Freshman don’t typically have a choice other than to live on campus […]

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To Live On-Campus or Off-Campus Next Semester

Traditional students who are attending or planning to attend SUNY or other local colleges here in Cortland have big decisions to make. One of which is whether to choose to live on campus or off campus. Freshmen (first-year students) often don’t have a choice and must live in dormitories or on-campus housing. But second-year students […]

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Affordable Student Housing in Cortland, New York

SUNY and Tompkins Cortland Community College students are encouraged to learn more about student apartment rentals in Cortland. With colleges running classes year round now, there is never a poor time to look for the housing that suits your needs. It used to be that incoming students would have to search high and low months […]

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Cortland Student Rentals, Several Student Housing Options in Great Locations

Cortland, New York…home to SUNY and a beautiful downtown is a bustling area with excellent student housing in Cortland. Cortland Student Rentals maintains a vast array of apartments that will be sure to suit your needs. Students, teachers and newcomers to the area will appreciate the furnished, heated apartments that are within walking distance to […]

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