October 20, 2021

A little independence through off campus living at SUNY Cortland

affordable student housing in Cortland

College is a memorable, worthwhile experience. Going to college means gaining valuable knowledge and discovering how to pursue passions and talents. College years are a great time to meet a variety of friends, some of which will stay in your life for decades to come. Many of the best connections are made with college roommates.

A small cot, bunk beds, and large coed restrooms come to mind when thinking about college living arrangements. Having a college roommate doesn’t mean staying on campus in a dorm room. A little independence and a lot of comfort can be had in student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland.

The Best of Both Worlds

Who doesn’t want the freedom to choose their own roommates while living in a comfortable and spacious apartment? An apartment, or even a shared house is a better option compared to on-campus dorm arrangements. Affordable student apartments near SUNY Cortland are close enough to campus to still easily access and experience college events, sports, shows and other extracurriculars. They have downtown access and a number of onsite amenities colleges simply can’t provide. Some of these include:

  • Free, well lit parking area.
  • Laundry room located in the entrance hallway 
  • Full-time staff and 24-hour maintenance 
  • New vinyl windows and forced hot air furnaces great for winter 
  • Being wired for cable and internet
  • Individual keyed bedroom doors
  • Fire extinguishers

Apartment rentals in Cortland New York 07

Each Cortland student rental has bedrooms complete with Full size beds, computer desks and chairs, dressers, closets, full length mirrors, and smoke and CO2 detectors. 

You can feel like you are actually home, and detach from the stress of school, while making a meal or watching a show with roommates in furnished, quaint, mature spaces.

Flexible Functional Freedom

Students can live more independently and feel like the adults they are in more spacious, safe, private rooms. Apartments are available with one bedroom for those who may want to live alone. If you need roommates, 2 – 6 bedroom apartments are also available; even single-family homes can be rented out. Some have all-inclusive rates, snow removal (which will come in handy soon), lawn mowing, trash removal, dishwashers, and flat-screen TVs.

Deadbolt entry doors, and individually keyed doors offer peace of mind and make safety and property security one less worry about with a heavy course load.

The Best Option Around

Cortland Student Rentals has been in business since 1979. These student apartments for rent in Cortland have owners and staff that treat you like family and offer quality housing. Students from Cortland State and TC3 can rest assured knowing a locally owned family business is in their corner and guarantees top-notch service. They have a lot of great amenities that take the stress out of living on your own, but also provide more independence than on-campus arrangements.

Students won’t have to worry about maintenance or furnishing while also living in the comfort of their own apartment. The apartments for rent in Cortland, are a great transition space to find extra freedom, comfort, and safety.