October 17, 2018

Apartment Rentals for SUNY Cortland Students

SUNY Cortland students looking for apartments for rent near campus 08

Central New York has been noted as one of the best college towns in the United States. SUNY Cortland, a part of the State University of New York, enrolls over 6,000 students each year. More than 11,000 apply for admission and consists of a varied background of freshmen, undergraduates and graduate students.

On-campus housing is required for Freshmen and First-year Sophomores at SUNY in any one of their 18 residence halls. Living on campus has its perks and its downfalls. Many undergraduate students opt to live off campus once their requirement is fulfilled. We work hard to fulfill the needs of college students who no longer desire to stay in dorms and are looking for places to rent in Cortland near SUNY.

Apartment Rentals for SUNY Cortland Students

As a booming college town, Cortland is an excellent area to live, study and enjoy the community. School pride shows in the wonderful people who choose to further their education here. Apartment rentals near SUNY Cortland often require reservations and deposits to hold for your arrival. Cortland Student Rentals has owned and operated our properties here in Cortland since 1979. We live in the community, so know all the area personally.

Our SUNY Cortland Off Campus housing options can accommodate single students right through to full houses of students sharing a property. We have apartments ranging from one bedroom units to 6 bedroom properties that will suit a group of students wishing to share responsibilities of off-campus living.

apartment rentals in CortlandNeed more room? We even have several full house rentals. All of our student apartments are within walking distance to both SUNY Cortland and downtown, are inspected annually, with carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers.

For your comfort during those cold winter months, all apartments have vinyl replacement windows, updated electrical service and new forced hot air furnaces. Snow Removal, lawn mowing and 24 Hour maintenance are services included with all of our apartments.

Living Off Campus Saves Money

Preparing for your time at college will have you reviewing your budget and overall costs for your education. Your first year here will incur residence hall fees, room and board, along with a meal plan. Financially this can be quite a burden, plus if you have had to roll your housing into your student loans, the cost will be with you well after your obtain your degree.

Living off campus in affordable student housing in Cortland can save you thousands of dollars.

Move off campus and enjoy total freedom in your own beautiful, secure apartment with friends you really want to live with.

affordable student housing in CortlandNo more concrete bunker of a room with a community shower down the hall.

Save $4,000 a year just on meal plans, while enjoying the luxury of going to your own fridge anytime day or night to get what you want to eat.

Park your car feet away from your own apartment door without paying for an expensive parking pass.

Yes this is all available while saving thousands of dollars for you and your parents! Room Rates on Campus are now almost $4,000 a semester, add 2 meal plans and the total for the year is over $12,000. You can easily save up to $5,000 by moving off campus.

Our website provides photos of all our apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland. What you see is exactly what will be in your apartment and the condition will be clean and ready for you. Call today for more information or a tour at (607) 745-1775.