May 24, 2019

Before You Head Home For the Summer, Secure Your Apartment For Next Semester

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You did it – you finished the 2018/2019 school year successfully! You’re no doubt ready to take a few months to relax and unwind after a stressful semester of classes and studying. Or perhaps you’re looking forward to a nice long vacation somewhere warm and tropical. For some students, the summer months Signing Lease and Holding Keysmean a job to help pay for college and living expenses.

Plan Now for the Fall Semester

Each student has his or her own plans for the summer, but one thing is certain – you probably aren’t thinking about next year’s classes, books or apartment rentals in Cortland yet. But this is actually the right time to make your plans for the fall. Make sure you register early at SUNY to get the classes you want in the fall. If you can get a list of the textbooks you’ll need, you can shop around online to get the best deals on used book. Shopping now for fall necessities should also include looking for the right apartment so you that you can find the perfect place to live for the 2019/2020 school year.

Secure Your SUNY Cortland Apartment Now

There is always a shortage of attractive student apartment rentals near SUNY Cortland and they are snapped up quickly by savvy students looking for a safe, comfortable place to live while they are enrolled at SUNY. If you already have one of Cortland Student Rentals’ apartments, now is the time to renew your lease so that you can keep the apartment you’re already in or move to another one of our beautiful houses or another apartment. These fill up quickly, so take advantage of all that time your classmates are spending on other activities and use it to your advantage. Won’t it be great to know you won’t have to deal with the stress of apartment shopping, reviewing leases or competing with other students for a house rental come fall?

Why Cortland Student Rentals Are So Desirable

Students and their parents have appreciated the apartments and houses provided by Cortland Student Rentals for years. We pride ourselves on offering housing that is safe, cozy, attractive and affordable. Parents rest easy knowing their sons or daughter will be living in an apartment that is secure and safe located near campus. Students also love the proximity to campus, but also appreciate the up-to-date cabinetry, spacious living rooms and bedrooms and furnishings they don’t have to pay for. Our student apartment rentals in Cortland come furnished with everything from plush sofas to comfortable beds and desks for late-night studying.

Student apartments for rent close to SUNY Cortland fill up quickly every year, and Cortland Student Rentals offer some of the most desirable apartments and houses in the area. Don’t let the ideal living space get away from you by waiting too long. Whether you want a three-bedroom house rental to share with friends or are looking for the privacy of a single bedroom apartment that’s a quiet haven, you’ll want to secure your home-away-from-home now. Don’t let someone else snap up the best apartment before you can or in a few months you’ll be scrambling to find a place that’s decent. Call us today to arrange a tour of our apartment rentals in Cortland before starting your summer plans. In August, you’ll be glad you did.