Cortland Student Rentals Still Has Several Apartments Available for the Spring Semester 

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We hope you’re enjoying your winter break and it’s going smoothly. It’s great not to worry about school for a few weeks and enjoy the holidays with friends and family. However, as the break slowly comes to an end, it’s time to start getting things in order, like where you will live come spring. Don’t […]

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Some items to check in your apartment before you head home for the Winter Break

affordable apartments in Cortland New York

It’s finally winter break, and I know you’re excited to get home and celebrate the holidays! You’ve just submitted your last assignments and exams for the semester, and it’s finally time to relax, right? Not exactly. You want to take care of a few more things before you check out of your apartments for rent […]

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Tips to secure your off-campus apartment while you are gone between semesters

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Classes will be ending soon; you studied hard and missed out on all of the parties and social gatherings of the season. It paid off, though, because your exams are over, and you need a well-deserved break. You’ve made plans to leave the apartment for a celebratory getaway, and you can’t wait to close the […]

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Top Budget Tips for College Students Living on Your Own

Student housing near SUNY Cortland

College is not easy. Especially with the piles of homework that students have to go through, the long study hours, and last but not least, the money. College is expensive, but it doesn’t have to completely wipe you out.  Cortland Student Rentals provides exceptional off-campus housing to students during the school year.  Visit the website […]

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Don’t Forget About Your Schoolwork Now That You Are Living Off-Campus!

student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland

Living off campus is one of the best experiences during college. No dorm checks or curfews, roommates you love, a kitchen to cook real food in, privacy in your own bedroom, and quiet when you need to, ya know…study! When searching for the best affordable student apartments near SUNY Cortland, students love the beautifully furnished […]

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Getting Ready to Move into Your Cortland Student Rental Apartment Fall 2022

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If you blinked, you may have missed it. As always, the summer was a blur, and just as soon as it began, we’re all wrapping up on our vacations, the hot weather, the beach days, the backyard barbecues– all of it coming to a close as the fall rolls in and the new semester approaches. […]

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Take Time Out from Your Summer Fun to Secure Your Fall Semester Housing

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Summer is the best time of the year to be a student. After a long Spring Semester and the always dreaded Final Exams, we’re out of class, back home for family and friends, or jet-setting around the globe, taking in all the sights and sounds we’ve been missing while cooped up at SUNY Cortland. It’s […]

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Don’t Wait to Find Your SUNY Cortland Apartment Rental for Fall 2022

student apartment rentals in Cortland New York

You heaved a huge sigh of relief after finals and knew you would miss your friends and the happening buzz around campus once you vacated and returned home for the summer, but now some time has passed and you’re already starting to envision what next semester holds. How are you going to balance your course […]

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To Live Alone or Share an Apartment with others Things to Know

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Ready to live off-campus?  While living in the dorms can be exciting and convenient, living off-campus comes with a host of benefits. Having your own space or being able to enjoy activities without bothering a roommate are just a few benefits of off-campus living. When you search for apartments for rent in Cortland, it can […]

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