April 10, 2018

Cortland State Students Have You Picked Out Your Apartment For Next Semester Yet?

apartment rentals in Cortland New York

It’s hard to believe that the current Spring semester will be drawing to a close in just a few weeks. Affordable student housing in Cortlandaffordable student housing in Cortland has long been the stand-by for many of our area students who want a more private and comfortable living arrangement.

On-campus living can become difficult and invasive, especially for students who prefer a bit more quiet and orderliness. Living off campus has many perks plus an opportunity to spread your wings and experience a bit more freedom and independence.

Next Semester Housing Options

Of course, you can continue to live on campus if that is working well for you and you enjoy the constant access to your friends and new students. The dining hall is available to you without you having to shop and prepare food (or clean it up). You are close to classes which can be a boon if you tend to sleep in late and fall out of bed and head to class immediately!

Many students prefer to move off campus and look for apartments to rent in Cortland soon after their freshman year. This is a perfect time to look ahead to your next semester and plan accordingly. You’ve most likely found things you like and dislike about college living by this time. Maybe you and some of your best friends would like to make the leap into renting an apartment together for the coming semester.

It’s a great opportunity to live with your friends that you get along with and share similar interests. Housing responsibilities can be divided up between you all and more things get done that way. Plus you have study buddies and someone to wander about town with or attend events.

Where to Look For Your First Apartment

You can look for apartments for rent in Cortland through the local newspapers, your college residence advisory team and from referrals by friends. Cortland Student Rentals has been in business providing the safest, cleanest and most affordable student housing in Cortland for many years.

Student Rentals in Cortland New YorkWe have a large selection of excellent apartment and private houses for rent that can accommodate a single student all the way to 6-bedroom units for a larger group. Our PROPERTIES are listed out showing you the exact condition and furnishings included along with lease requirements and specifications.

Finding the perfect apartment in Cortland for next semester is a fairly simple project. Here are some things you should consider:

Will you rent alone or with friends?
How many bedrooms do you need?
How much can you afford (stay within your budget)?
What is included in the lease (shoveling, trash, utilities)?
What safety and security measures are in place (smoke detectors, door locks, dead bolts, etc.)
Who do you contact in case of a problem with your apartment?
Is the maintenance staff available 24/7?

Plan Now For Your New Apartment

Next semester (Summer if you are taking classes or the Fall when you return) brings a lot of new experiences and we would like to make your off-campus choice one that you will enjoy and grow in. Contact us today to look at some of the properties you are most interested in.

We are happy to conduct tours of available units at a time that will be convenient for you. Call today for more information, to schedule a tour, or to fill out a reservation application. We look forward to making your life easier and more fun by living off campus in one of our excellent apartments.