January 21, 2021

Cortland Student Apartment Rentals Now Available for Spring 2021

student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland

Securing a space for the Spring semester looks remarkably different due to COVID 19 and health and safety measures, but that doesn’t mean apartment hunting has disappeared. In fact, now more than ever, college students are moving off-campus in search of student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland. Today’s blog is dedicated to helping you navigate your apartment hunt with ease! Most students’ biggest concerns are securing affordable student apartments near SUNY Cortland and how to talk to roommates and agree on health and safety measures at home. Let’s dive in!

Finding a Place

Students used to be able to find great deals by hopping in a car, driving around the neighborhood, and setting up an appointment to tour a unit. COVID has encouraged a lot more leasing offices to embrace the digital age, which means you technically don’t need to leave your house to find student apartments for rent in Cortland. Grab a cup of coffee, whip out your laptop, and take a virtual tour of potential places while still practicing social distancing and limiting your risk of exposure. Check with the property manager or agent and see if they’re open to a Zoom virtual walkthrough for a possible location. You never know; they may already have pre-made tours as short clips or videos they can email to you.

Dedicating listing websites tend to attract a lot of attention online, but they aren’t always up to date, which could mean you waste valuable time and money trying to rent a space that isn’t even available! Real estate agents often come with hidden fees that can rough even for the most fiscally responsible college renters. Sick of scrolling through the old, outdated listings and haggling with expensive realtors? We can help! Just give us a call.

The Roommate Conversation

Ultimately, the decision to live off-campus with roommates or to go solo is up to you. Some students thrive on having their own space to start and end each day, while others would go crazy if they lived alone for too long. If you do decide to go the roommate route during COVID, here are our tips on how to do it safely!Roommates Should Talk About Health and Safety Guidelines

Cleanliness: This is actually a common point of contention for roommates before COVID 19. The goal here is to ask questions like, “how important is cleanliness to you?” For many of us, COVID 19 has dramatically changed our expectations and standards for cleanliness, but how? Have an open and honest discussion about how you each handle the transition and managing to stay healthy. Once you decide on your home’s COVID safety measures, designate a roommate as the leader or point person, and have regular check-ins to discuss how everything is going!

Our Visitor Policy: Discuss how comfortable you all are with visitors coming over. Don’t be afraid to set and advocate for your personal boundaries. You don’t have to agree or engage with visitors if you aren’t comfortable. 

For more tips on finding and securing your next apartment for Spring 2021, give Cortland Student Rentals a call!