February 13, 2018

Cortland Student Rentals Has The Apartment Rental For You

Student Rentals in Cortland New York

Joining our community here and choosing affordable student housing in Cortland will make your stay here while at college one you will enjoy. With so many units, we are the premier provider of apartment rentals in Cortland.

Spring semester is in full swing now, but it’s never too early to consider off-campus housing and reserving an appropriate unit for your arrival here. Living off campus (although not usually available to Freshmen) brings about a whole new aspect of independent living. Many students prefer the ability to enter the adult world with their own apartment and appreciate the privacy and freedom to get to know the area and themselves better.

Cortland Student Rentals

No matter how small or large of an apartment you are interested in, whether you will be renting by yourself, with another student or a group of students, we have an apartment that will work for you.

apartments for rent in CortlandAll of our rentals are within an easy walk to SUNY Cortland and the downtown area. As you browse through our affordable student housing in Cortland options, you will see that our units are furnished with all the necessary items

Living Rooms Includes:

Coffee Table
End Tables

Kitchen Includes:

Modern Appliances
Table & Chairs

Bedroom includes:

Full-Size Bed w/Deluxe Mattress
Desk & Chair
Full length mirror

Other Amenities

Laundry Conveniently Located in Entrance Hallway
Lighted Parking Lot
24-hr Maintenance
Trash Removal
Snow Removal
Lawn Mowing
Deadbolt Entry Doors
Smoke & CO2 detectors
Fire Extinguishers
New Vinyl Windows
Quality Furnishings
Personal Privacy

Since 1979 we have been honored to provide student housing here in Cortland to a wide variety of students and professionals. Our staff is available directly and maintenance is on 24/7. You will talk with a real person and not an answering service. Any issues you encounter with your rental will be quickly taken care of.

Cortland student rentalsThe photos we show on our website of each apartment are exactly the apartment you will see, rent and live in. We want our apartments to be ones we would be happy and proud to live in. We do recommend that you contact us with your expected date of arrival, how long you wish to rent a unit, what size unit you are interested in, and the number of people who will be living together. Tell us which units you are interested in and we will set up a convenient time for you (and your parents if they wish) to have showings of the various apartments you would like to see.

Aside from the obvious benefits of privacy and freedom, you will be surprised to know that living off campus can reduce your overall expenditures significantly. Living on campus is expensive when you consider the school meal plans and the shared dormitory room.


Move off campus and enjoy total freedom in your own beautiful, secure apartment with friends you really want to live with.

No more concrete bunker of a room with a community shower down the hall.

Save $4,000 a year just on meal plans, while enjoying the luxury of going to your own fridge anytime day or night to get what you want to eat.

Park your car feet away from your own apartment door without paying for an expensive parking pass.

Yes this is all available while saving thousands of dollars for you and your parents! Room Rates on

Campus dorms are now almost $4,000 a semester, add 2 meal plans and the total for the year is over $12,000. You can easily save up to $5,000 by moving off campus.

Call today for more information or a tour at (607) 745-1775.