October 11, 2017

Cortland Student Rentals is your Student Apartment Rental Experts in Cortland

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For undergraduates attending college here in Cortland, school represents the first real opportunity to live away on your own. Dorms are available for most students and after freshman year, you have the option to live off-campus. Choosing the best option for you can be overwhelming and cause a lot of stress. Cortland Student Rentals can help you make sense of what living off-campus at one of our student apartment rentals in Cortland  is all about.

There many pros and cons to both options. Beginning your college career by living on campus is surely the best way (and most often the only way as a freshman) to have a place to live. Everything is all ready organized for you, so you can spend your time on your studies, meeting new friends, and being involved in the college community.

Choosing to Live On-Campus

This is where you have the most personal involvement with your fellow classmates , community, and learning the ropes of attending college. You are right in the middle of everything going on, there are resident advisors to help with issues, food is available, and there is no worry about utilities and such

The relative ease of living on campus can be quite attractive. Definitely, having access to the gym and the dining hall to your classrooms and the library makes life a whole lot easier. Being on campus makes it a bit easier to be on time to your early morning classes which is surely a major bonus. If you’re on the food plan, as most students are, there is no worry about buying groceries or cooking. You will really appreciate those meals at the end of a long day in class. And cleaning common areas and bathrooms will not be your responsibility. And your room will already be wired for the internet/Wi-Fi. Living on campus puts you literally within arm’s of numerous fellow undergrads.

Off Campus Housing

affordable student rentals in CortlandAffordable student housing in Cortland is a perfect option for many returning students who need a quieter atmosphere and the ability to have more room. Cortland Student Apartments offers many apartments and private houses to rent at very affordable prices. You can choose to rent by yourself to having a group of friends join you and share expenses.


Renting your own apartment or house gives you the ability to not only experience living on your own but to distance yourself from some of the chaos of living on campus. Unlike dorm living where everyone is a student, your new neighborhood will contain people from varied walks of life, young families, professional couples and upper classmen who obviously would be a bit more mature and focused than the incoming freshman in the dorms.

One more thought here about off campus living is the fact that, although there are some regulations in place in apartment rentals in Cortland, they are far less restrictive than those of the dorms. You do have to keep things clean yourself (no maid service), you do have to shop for nutritious food regularly, you do have to manage your expenditures closely (utilities and internet services), but this is your step into adulthood. It’s a fantastic right of passage that many young people look forward to

apartment rentals in CortlandThe rental units we provide are all within walking distance of the campus, thus do not necessitate needing a vehicle. Many students do have their own transportation and we have some options for that. Please check out parking availability for each potential unit you might be interested in.


Cortland Student Rentals

Cortland Student Rentals has been in the student housing business since 1979. We are locally owned and live in the community of Cortland New York. Over those years we have offered clean quality housing to Cortland State and TC3 students. When you call you talk directly to somebody and not an answering service. This type of service offers you comfort of knowing that if you have a problem in your rental that when you make the call somebody will be responding that day to your issue. We take great pride in offering rental properties that we would live in ourselves. Our website offers interior pictures of the living room, kitchen, and all the bedrooms. This is how the property will look when you move in. We have a full-time staff that are here to take care of your needs during your stay at Cortland Student Rentals. If you or your parents would like to call to ask questions or for any other concerns that may have please feel free to. We can be reached at 607-745-1775.