May 24, 2017

Cortland Student Rentals, Your Apartment Rental Professionals in Cortland, NY

affordable student housing in Cortland

Planning to live off-campus while attending Cortland State or TC3? Living off campus can save you a lot of money, headaches, and frustration. Apartment rentals in Cortland are sought after to house the many students in the area who prefer living on their own.  Freshman don’t typically have a choice other than to live on campus in a dorm, but if you are a Sophomore or upper-classman, then you have options.

Cortland Student Rentals has been in the business of providing safe, clean and comfortable student housing since 1979.  Browse through our available apartments and houses as shown on our website.  What you see is exactly the condition and set up of each unit. We pride ourselves in meticulously maintaining all our units and recommend you talk with current/past tenants and with our friendly staff.

Affordable Student Housing in Cortland

Apartments for rent in Cortland can be expensive, but since we know that students are trying to save some money, we try to make our units affordable plus giving you (or your parents) a bit of a break over on-campus housing.


apartment rentals in CortlandMove off campus and enjoy total freedom in your own beautiful, secure apartment with friends you really want to live with.

No more concrete bunker of a room with a community shower down the hall.

Save $4,000 a year just on meal plans, while enjoying the luxury of going to your own fridge anytime day or night to get what you want to eat.

Park your car feet away from your own apartment door without paying for an expensive parking pass.

Yes this is all available while saving thousands of dollars for you and your parents! Room Rates on

Campus are now almost $4,000 a semester, add 2 meal plans and the total for the year is over $12,000. You can easily save up to $5,000 by moving off campus.

Cortland Student Rentals

This is such an important step in your life. Living in your own apartment or sharing a larger unit or house with roommates can change your whole outlook on life. The freedom is amazing, though more responsibility comes with that freedom.

Our properties do have rules as do all rentals. Your behavior and that of your guests can make or break your experience. Be courteous to your neighbors and remember to adjust the noise level. Your apartment is your safe place and it’s the safe retreat for your fellow students, as well.

When you are ready to take the next step forward and locate apartments for rent in Cortland, give us a call and come view our available properties. You will always be greeted by one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members.  No answering machines and no waiting for return calls. Your stay with us is important and we want you to love your new digs!

All of our student apartments are within walking distance to both SUNY Cortland and downtown. 24 hour maintenance services included with all units. Don’t forget, when looking at other choices, Cortland Student Rentals are furnished, safe, and clean. Talk with us today!