June 12, 2018

Don’t Fall Asleep this Summer, Book your Cortland Apartment Rental Now

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Happy Summer and a much needed rest and relaxation break for you and your friends. Making it through your first or subsequent year of college is a major achievement. Certainly many things in your life changed, you discovered new friends, learned more about yourself, and spent countless hours studying and prepping for projects, and tests.

Looking forward to the summer has been what has gotten you through these last few weeks, right? Although it is tempting to sit back and push school out of your mind for a few weeks, it is imperative that you have your housing arrangements sorted for the fall semester as soon as possible.

Affordable Student Housing in Cortland

If you’ve spent your first year living on campus, it’s most likely you are anxious to get out of that tight space and spread your wings. Apartment rentals in Cortland offer proximity to college and affordable student housing which will save you thousands of dollars.

affordable student housing in CortlandCortland Student Rentals has been providing excellent, clean, safe and well-maintained student apartments for many years. Our reputation as being extremely responsive to concerns and repairs, as well as the quality of our units is second to none.

Affordable student housing in Cortland should be budget friendly and provide the best options for your money. Living off campus has many benefits of which privacy, freedom, peace and quiet, as well as saving money on groceries and meals.

The general costs of living on campus versus off campus can reach into the thousands when you take into consideration the meal plans offered by the school. And if you are rolling those costs (room & board and meal plans), you are going to be paying this off for many years. Lowering your housing costs will help keep your student loans down and more manageable.

Reserving Your Apartment Now

As with all apartments for rent in Cortland, the return of students in the fall can make rentals scarce. Many students wait until the last minute to make arrangements. Although we have a great selection of affordable student housing in Cortland, we do encourage you to contact us as soon as you know you want to live off campus.

apartments for rent in CortlandWe will work closely with you to get you (and your friends if you are sharing housing) into an apartment or whole house that will suit your budget. We are available to show you units that interest you and can work with your schedule. Reserving your apartment or house for the coming semester is one item you need to check off your to-do list!

Don’t wait too long to look for apartments for rent in Cortland as there is a lot of competition for housing amongst students here. We strive to make your off-campus experience a safe, comfortable and memorable time. Our renters become part of our family. You are very important to us and your experience with Cortland Student Rentals will have you returning and referring your friends to us.

Call us today to schedule your showing of the apartments you are interested in. We look forward to welcoming you to our family and hope your coming years in your college career bring you satisfaction and a superb future.