September 24, 2022

Don’t Forget About Your Schoolwork Now That You Are Living Off-Campus!

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Living off campus is one of the best experiences during college. No dorm checks or curfews, roommates you love, a kitchen to cook real food in, privacy in your own bedroom, and quiet when you need to, ya know…study!

When searching for the best affordable student apartments near SUNY Cortland, students love the beautifully furnished Cortland Student Rentals that offer free parking, trash service, and free snow removal during the winter! And now that classes are in full gear, the desks in each bedroom are getting lots of use! 

Top 4 Study Tips to Ace Those Classes

#1 Switch Up Your Surroundings

While studying at a friend’s house or the local coffee shop sounds fun, your brain is actually able to focus more when your surroundings are clutter-free. Conversations overheard from the table next to yours, or the temptation to begin making weekend plans with the friends studying next to you can be distracting, and precious study time can fly by unused! Finding great student apartments for rent in Cortland where you have a quiet bedroom to study is the first step in guaranteeing those high grades!

#2 Develop a Daily Routine

College Students are renting apartments near SUNY Cortland for fall

College Students are renting apartments near SUNY Cortland for the fall semester.

Living in a dorm makes it hard to have a set routine. Others who share your dorm may have different sleep schedules or community showers may not be available at the same time every day; even eating at the same time can be tricky without a kitchen of your own. However, studies have shown that developing a general routine for these daily tasks, plus study time, trains your brain to be able to focus better when it knows what activity to expect.

#3 Study with Friends – Sometimes

Occasionally, studying with friends can prove very beneficial! There may be a class that you missed or a lecture that you didn’t understand. Quizzing each other before a test is a great way to prepare to kill that exam! Being able to have a guaranteed place to study with friends is among the top reasons students search for apartments for rent in Cortland

#4 Multi-tasking is a Mistake

We live in a society that multitasks at everything. From listening to an audiobook while we run to scarfing down breakfast as we cram for the quiz. But research shows that multi-tasking doesn’t improve efficiency at all! In fact, it actually has a negative effect on our ability to commit things to long-term memory– which is where we need that info when it’s finals time! So, silence Snapchat for just a bit, and let those Insta’s wait. You’ll enjoy them so much more when you’ve also got the grades in the bag!

#5 Give Me A Break

No, really, University College London conducted a study that proved taking a break after a productive study session is a great way to reward your brain! And this will enable you to concentrate even better when you return after the break! So run to the kitchen, grab a snack and a drink, and maybe even throw a load of dirty clothes in the washer! 20 minutes is the ideal break time– so just don’t get sucked into a binge session of your favorite show! 

No Place Like Home

Now that you’ve nailed some top tips for studying this fall, don’t forget to have some fun! While living off campus offers students the best study environment, it is great to live with the people you also love to have fun with! If you’re looking for the most convenient student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland, with the best amenities, and an amazing management team, you’ve found it.