June 20, 2022

Don’t Wait to Find Your SUNY Cortland Apartment Rental for Fall 2022

student apartment rentals in Cortland New York

You heaved a huge sigh of relief after finals and knew you would miss your friends and the happening buzz around campus once you vacated and returned home for the summer, but now some time has passed and you’re already starting to envision what next semester holds.

How are you going to balance your course load and social life? What kinds of extracurriculars will you get involved with this year? Should you get a part-time job for a little extra cash?

Most importantly, where are you going to live next semester?

You’ve gone the rounds at Cheney Hall and Dragon Hall. You’ve had many meals at the Neubig Dining Hall. But now you’re feeling like spreading those dragon wings and trying a little bit of independent living away from campus by living off-campus this year.

You’re looking for affordable student apartments near SUNY Cortland.

No Time Like the Present

It may seem early to look at listings now and lock something in, but off-campus living is as popular as ever and listings will go fast. The best rentals available, like the ones available through Cortland Student Rentals, are within walking distance to campus and downtown. This allows for students to easily get to campus, even without a car, but also in the heart of the community where shopping, restaurants, and other attractions allow ample opportunity for students to explore their town further than was previously possible on campus.

Off-campus housing is very popular with upperclassmen, specifically Juniors and Seniors, so you’ll want to get in touch as soon as today to discuss availability and rates of the vacant apartment listings near SUNY Cortland.

Cortland Student Rentals

After college, you’ll get plenty of time to shop around, look for deals, hire brokers, negotiate, and spend a certified boatload of time finding the best place to rent. While still enrolled in the college, you can find student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland with Cortland Student Rentals.

Cortland Student Rentals provides a vast collection of student apartments for rent in Cortland, so you can enjoy off-campus life but still enjoy the conveniences that come along with dorm living.

Fully Furnished Finds

Apartment rentals in Cortland New York

Most apartments for rent in Cortland, or anywhere in the United States for that matter, do not come with furnishings, and it can be incredibly expensive to fully furnish even a conservative floor plan. 

College students are experts at bartering, navigating online marketplaces for deals, and regularly visiting thrift stores like the Salvation Army to find unique items for a song, but it’s still extremely convenient to rent something that is move-in ready and requires no movers, no furniture purchases, and no storage needs after the semester ends, the lease ends, and it’s time to move back in with Mom and Dad for the break.

Cortland Student Rentals offers fully furnished apartments that include:

  • A full-size bed
  • A dresser
  • A computer desk and chair
  • A full-length mirror
  • Smoke detectors

Some premium listings may even include:

  • Leather furniture
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • A dishwasher

There is often ample closet space and wiring for high-speed Internet available as well. Cortland Student Rentals define the phrase “move-in ready” by making it as easy as viewing the property, signing the lease, and picking up the keys.

Not as Early as You’d Think

There are still a few months until the semester starts, so it seems like there’s so much time before you pack up your stuff and head back to Cortland. Students who are still taking advantage of on-campus housing know there’s not as much time as you’d think, and they can take comfort in having secured their housing well before the close of the semester.

In fact, the housing process for on-campus housing began on February 1st and concluded in May, so the dormitories are presumably filled, and a waitlist is in effect. Those who still have yet to claim a spot anywhere in town may be in a predicament the closer the Fall 2022 semester draws. Don’t be left out in the cold in autumn. Call Cortland Student Rentals and lock in your Fall 2022 housing today!