July 21, 2021

Fall semester is approaching fast for SUNY Cortland students

student apartments near SUNY Cortland


Fall semester is approaching fast for SUNY Cortland students so don’t wait to look for housing! There are so many options for apartments for rent in Cortland but they will not be there for too long. 

What are my options?

There is something for everyone, and we have something to share. Cortland Student Rentals offers affordable student apartments near SUNY Cortland. We offer great amenities such as onsite laundry located in the entrance hallway, a free lighted parking area, and fully furnished bedrooms! All bedrooms come with a full-size bed, dresser, closet, computer desk, and chair, full-length mirror, Individual keyed doors and smoke detectors.

Cortland State apartment rentals 11Choices range from a 1-6 bedroom apartment, or a full house apartment with all-inclusive rates available. No need to sit at the library for hours to finish homework because every apartment is wired for internet; not only that but they are also wired for cable for those days that are meant for staying in instead of going out. Comfort is the most important thing at Cortland Rentals and we make that a priority. 

Cortland Student Rentals has been providing affordable student apartments near SUNY Cortland since 1979. Included in the rental, is a full-time staff that is there to answer any question or help solve any problem. There is 24-hour maintenance included as well as, snow removal, and lawn mowing. The benefits that are offered can’t be beaten anywhere else with affordable student apartments near SUNY Cortland. We want you to be comfortable and we take pride in offering quality student apartments. 

Stay Close and Stay safe

All of the student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland provided by Cortland Student Rentals are within walking distance to the campus and downtown. No need to worry about walking from class alone at night when the campus is close to home. Of course, it is still always better to walk with a buddy anywhere at night. Make friends with the other students living close by in Cortland Student Rentals so there is always someone to walk to and from class with. The best part of any student housing is meeting the people closest to you and creating friendships that last beyond school.

The dorm living experience is great, but for some people, it just doesn’t work. Living off-campus is such a freeing experience. With all of the student apartments for rent in Cortland, you do not have to settle for the dorm experience, if you choose not to. A freshman is welcome to live off-campus just as much as an upperclassman is. No matter where you are in your college journey, you can always make the choice to live off-campus. Save the money you could be spending on tuition for room and board. 

You don’t always get the best from a dorm experience but living off-campus can be an amazing experience. With the amenities we offer, as well as your own peace of mind, why not rent with us? Enjoy the college experience with less of a headache. Cortland Student Rentals is a step above the rest