January 8, 2020

Getting Ready to Return to Your Apartment for the Spring Semester

Woman checking a kitchen faucet in Cortland student rentals

The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to the college grind. When you start packing for spring term, don’t forget to put some thought into what you might need for your apartment. The weather is still cold, so you’ll want to be sure you bring a coat and some warm outwear as well as sweaters, long underwear, hats and gloves. You may be staying in one of the nicest student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland, but once you head out the door, you’re going to be cold.

But Spring semester is also when the weather changes, so throw in some transitional clothes you can apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland 07layer for warmth now, then shed when warmer temps hit. Layering pieces will take up less space in your closets. If you won’t be heading home before the term ends, you’ll need to bring a few lightweight options as well. You don’t want to be without a few pairs of shorts and some tees in case the temperatures spike.

Don’t Leave Things Behind

If you took home valuables like your guitar or expensive jewelry (and you should have), make sure you remember to take it back if you want to have access to it during spring semester. When living in our student apartments for rent in Cortland, your valuables are safe and secure. We pride ourselves on offering  apartments in well-lit, safe areas.

Did you take plants home so they wouldn’t wither and die while you were celebrating with family and friends? Make sure you bring them back to your apartment after the holidays so you can continue to care for them and enjoy the touch of green they add to your apartment.

Stock Up

If you missed any delicacies from home last semester, load up with the right ingredients while you’re at home. Sometimes you can’t find the foods or drinks you love when you’re away from home, so bring them back with you. Stocking up at home can also save you money on groceries once you’re back in Cortland.

Once You’re Back in Cortland

Your apartment has been shut up for a few weeks, so when you arrive back in Cortland, take some time to walk through the apartment and check on a few things. Hopefully you prepared your apartment before you left at the end of winter term, but it’s always good to do a walk-through. Do you see anything that is broken and needs repaired? Be sure you contact your landlord as soon as possible so that it can be fixed quickly.

Visual Check

Do a visual check to make sure window and door locks are secure, look for any damage such as cracked windows or dripping faucets. If you let the faucets drip when you left to protect against frozen pipes, turn them off. Are there any apparent leaks anywhere, be sure to call your landlord right away so that repairs can be made. Our apartments for rent in Cortland have professional maintenance services so any repairs can be done quickly and without impacting your school schedule. Also check for signs of rodents. If you see mouse droppings or other signs you’ve had critters visiting while you’ve been gone, be sure to get some traps and set them.

Smell Check

Also do a smell check of your apartment. Can you smell gas? If so, call your landlord and leave the apartment until the gas stove and heat have been checked and any repairs needed are made. Other odors you should have investigated include any smell of mold or mildew, as this can lead to other problems. If you see mold or mildew on walls or ceilings, contact your landlord. But if you discover moldy dishes you left in the sink, that’s on you – wash them!

And welcome back – we appreciate all the students living in our student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland and want you to be safe and comfortable this semester and all year round.