February 19, 2020

If You Don’t Love Living on Campus, Consider Cortland Student Rentals

Student Rentals in Cortland New York

There are plenty of reasons not to love living on campus at SUNY Cortland, despite the availability of dorms. If you’re currently living on campus, you’ve discovered all the things NOT to love about dorm rooms and dorm living. Which one of these problems have you run into while living on campus?

Freedom From The Noise

Have you been cramming for a final when your roommate has a shouting match with their best friend or student apartments near SUNY Cortlandsignificant other? Have your ears been assaulted by music from the guy down the hall who loves blasting his alternative-metal-country music at ungodly hours while you’re trying to sleep? Does the girl across the hall practice her singing for the university musical for hours a day? Do the people living on your hall tramp up and down the floors like a herd of stampeding elephants?

We offer student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland that give you the peace and quiet you crave. You’ll be able to concentrate when you’re studying without the background noise of a dozen or more people. If you want to take a midday nap, there won’t be any problems with a noisy roommate. Just shut your door and drift blissfully off to sleep in the privacy of a bedroom you don’t have to share with anyone.

Better Laundry Facilities

It’s hard enough getting around to washing your clothes when you have a full schedule of classes, activities, and other commitments. Add to that the hassle of schlepping everything down multiple flights of stairs, dragging your detergent, and a bag of quarters with you, and it’s a chore you’ll put off in the dorms as long as possible. Having to stay and watch your clothes wash and dry to make sure no one acts like a jerk and tosses your wet clothes out of the washer if you’re 10 minutes late? Awful.

We offer apartments for rent in Cortland that have clean, convenient laundry rooms on shared landings right outside your apartment door. We also offer full house rentals where you won’t have to share your laundry with anyone but your housemates. Won’t it be nice to know some stranger won’t be going through your underwear or hogging the dryers?

Private Bathrooms

Ah, the community bathroom located at the end of the hall. The perfect place to pick up athlete’s foot while taking a shower that’s tepid at best. Let’s face it, student bathrooms are gross. Yes, the cleaning staff try their best, but with so many people in and out every day, it’s bound to get funky. When you need to get a shower and get ready in record time, there’s sure to be others who are taking their time, hogging the facilities, and generally making life unpleasant.

Students who live in one of our many student apartments for rent in Cortland love having a bathroom they don’t have to share with a dozen or more virtual strangers. They can keep it as clean as they want to, leave out their shampoo and conditioner if they like, and no one is going to use all the hot water. The luxury of a bathroom that isn’t a high traffic area will remind you regularly that there were excellent reasons NOT to love living on campus!