November 14, 2018

Looking to Rent an Apartment Close to SUNY Cortland?

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Cortland, NY offers students, families and professionals a beautiful area to live in with a strong community feel and a superb college within walking distance. Student housing in Cortland can be expansive due to the need of many students to live off campus during the school year.

student housing near SUNYWhether you have recently decided to rent an apartment in Cortland near SUNY or are planning on moving off campus in the Spring, the time is now to schedule your tours of housing units that interest you. Cortland Student Rentals has been a mainstay in the community, providing safe, affordable and clean housing since 1979. We are on the SUNY Cortland housing list and strive to continuously bring you the best value in apartment rentals in Cortland.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

By choosing to live off campus and to be part of the residential community there is an expectation that you will interact with your neighbors in a responsible and respectful fashion. Common courtesy can go a long way to making everyone’s experiences positive.

Apartment rentals near SUNY Cortland abound with professionals and students seeking to further their education at the colleges. You may find yourself developing some wonderful new friendships. Here are some helpful tips for you as you proceed out in to the Cortland community.

  • Stop by and visit your neighbors early in the semester to help develop friendly relations.
  • Surprise your neighbor and help them out in some small way. Raking leaves, shoveling sidewalks and babysitting are a few possibilities that come to mind.
  • Be aware of your noise volume at all times. Many people aren’t aware of how far their voices (or stereos, televisions, car radios, etc.) carry. Maybe your neighbor works the night shift and sleeps during the day or maybe they have kids who go to bed early.
  • Keep your property clean. What your residence looks like will reflect on both yourself and the neighborhood you are a part of. Lawn care and snow shoveling both fit into this category.
  • Take your trash out and recycle regularly. Follow the proper guidelines on how to do so. Piled up garbage is not only an eyesore, it also attracts rodents. City of Cortland guidelines for recycling, lawn debris and blue bags can be found on-line at:
  • Park legally and in your own driveway. Obey all local restrictions. For example, did you know that no cars are to be parked on city streets from 2 – 6 am?
  • Be familiar with town ordinances and your legal responsibilities as a tenant and citizen. Students are not above the law.
  • Make sure you know and follow the guidelines that are in existence for pets. Pet licensing details can be found on-line at
  • Be responsible and stay alert. If you notice something or someone suspicious at your neighbor’s house, do something rather than simply ignoring it.

Ready? Set? GO!

Apartments for rent in Cortland near SUNY are available from single bedroom units to full houses. You can affordable student housing in Cortlandfind roommates through the college you attend, friends you know or ask us if we have a current list of students looking to share costs.

Student housing in Cortland offers a fine opportunity to spread your wings, study in a quieter and more comfortable space, and gives you the chance to learn responsibility and new skills as you move out on your own. Cortland Student Rentals is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will not be speaking to an answering machine, always a real person who is ready to deal with any issues or questions you may have. Call today for your private tour.