December 19, 2018

Make Sure to Secure your Apartment While you are Away for the Holidays

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The Holiday Season is here and as you wrap up this semester, your thoughts have turned to having a break, going home to see family and friends, and enjoying the holidays with everyone. This first semester has most likely be full of activities, new adventures and a lot of hard work. You are totally ready for the winter break.

apartment rentals near SUNY CortlandLiving off campus had many perks and the freedom to be yourself was amazing, right? There were so many things to deal with, remember, and take care of. Heading home for the holidays can get overwhelming as well when you realize all that you should do before leaving your student housing in Cortland.

Take a Break and Relax With These Tips

You were so fortunate to locate apartment rentals near SUNY Cortland for the semester. Moving out of the dorms can be challenging at first, but you soon adjusted and the experience has made you feel stronger and more independent.

Preparing to leave for the winter break requires a bit of thought and preparation. Although our apartments and houses are secured with dead bolt lock systems, sadly the holidays are a prime time for thieves to take advantage of folks being away on vacation. Their stealth, techniques, and sheer determination can circumvent even the most advanced security measures.

To assist you in securing your apartment, here are some tips that you may find helpful.

apartments for rent in CortlandBe sure all windows are firmly and complete shut and locked. Go back and check your windows. Leaving one window unlocked is a certain invitation to people looking to get into a home and steal valuable items.

Do not leave valuables in your apartment or room while you are away. Although it may mean lugging extra possessions with you, please take your electronics (laptops, phones, tablets, and other expensive pieces), jewelry, cash, and any other valuable items with you. The less you leave of value, the less chance someone will try to take them.

If you’ve installed additional security measures or systems, be sure they are activated and work properly before you leave for the holidays. There are many excellent motion activated security systems which would be a good purchase or perhaps an item for your wish list.

If you have a trusted neighbor ( there are still many families that live in the neighborhoods year long) that you may have developed some relationship with, ask them if they would keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and to call the police should they see anything.

The best offense when leaving your home unattended for a period of time is to secure all doors and windows. Double check them. Let a neighbor know you will be gone (and let them know when you return).

Keep valuable items out of view. Close blinds and shades so would-be thieves are unable to see into the apartment. And last but not least, consider obtaining a timer switch that can be connected to a light or lamp. Set the timer to have the lighting come on at a specific time and go off at a typical time for you. This is also a great deterrent as it will look like someone is still in the apartment.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season

All of us here at Cortland Student Rentals wish you and your families a beautiful, magical and joyful Holiday Season. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us immediately. We are always here to make sure you and your apartment are safe and secure.