June 16, 2021

Make your Fall Semester Living Arrangements Now so You can Enjoy Your Summer

apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland

Excited for back to school? Well, who wouldn’t be after all we have experienced and the uncertainty of the past few months? If you’re like most students, then you’re probably running around excited and trying to get things in place for back to school this Fall. If you’re not, then what are you waiting for? One of the things you have to consider for school is housing. Without a doubt, you need an affordable student apartment to rent. So getting an apartment for rent in Cortland should be a priority on your list. Sorting accommodation early is highly recommended, and we would love to help. 

Factors to Consider when Looking for Accommodation

As a college student, we know you want to get a complete college experience. But, how do you choose when there are so many student apartments for rent in Cortland? Well, for starters, there are numerous factors to consider when arranging your college accommodation. You want to be comfortable, but you also need an affordable student apartment near SUNY, somewhere you can chill and get your studying done when you need to. Secondly, you also need to look into these areas:

  • the cost
  • the benefits, like laundry, trash removal, parking, etc. 
  • the location
  • security
  • convenience
  • Spacious Apartments for rent in Cortland

Oh, and what would we do without wifi? So you do know this one is a must. You absolutely need to ensure that you ask about utilities, especially a strong, stable wifi connection.

Why you Need to Arrange your Living Arrangements Now

Going on the hunt early for accommodation allows you the liberty of taking your time to weigh your options properly. Additionally, you will have the luxury of getting the best of the lot; instead of doing a last-minute option that turns out to be a nightmare mid-semester. Being in an uncomfortable situation daily is not ideal for keeping up with your studies. It causes psychological distress, which may affect your academic performance and social life. Plus, if you get this out of the way now, guess what, you will have the entire summer to enjoy with friends and family. 


Being in a new environment requires some amount of adjustment. That is why it is essential for you to find a comfortable space that helps you be the best student you can be while enjoying your time in school. You need an environment that supports your academic, social, and domestic life. That’s why at Cortland Student Rentals, we offer you fully furnished apartments with conveniently lit parking, laundromat, cable and internet, smoke detectors, among many more benefits and amenities. 


Our affordable student apartments are conveniently located near SUNY Cortland. We understand how important it is for you to be on time for classes and the many reasons that may drive the need to run home quickly then back to class. With Cortland Student Rentals, you can be sure that you are interacting with people who understand and address your needs. We want to help make the transition from home to a new school and living environment as seamless as can be, so why not ditch the dorms and kick back in a student apartment for rent in Cortland?