August 16, 2017

Now is the Time to Rent Your Cortland Student Apartment For the Fall

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Off-campus student housing provides many benefits, including increased independence, lower costs, greater freedom and more space. Whether living alone or with friends or family, some students find it is beneficial to leave campus each day and unwind away from school pressures, while others want to be as connected as possible.

There are numerous options and concerns to consider when looking at apartment rentals in Cortland. Factors such as cost, student maturity level (as off-campus living typically comes with much more responsibility) and lifestyle all play big factors in this decision. You really need to think about what you envision your college experience to be.

On-Campus or Off?

Decisions, decisions! Your first year was most likely experienced living in on-campus housing such as dorm rooms or quads, as they are now called (shared common space with 4 rooms attached). Everything basically was done for you. You didn’t have to worry about extra expenses like WiFi or TV. You had a meal plan and friends close by. Falling out of bed to make it to class was relatively simple.

affordable student housing in CortlandBut the close quarters and constant interruptions, never mind the total cost of that little room and meal plan mounted up to cause a fair amount of stress.  Those costs for room and board on-campus are ones you will be paying for over the lifetime of your student loans.

There is affordable student housing in Cortland for those of you ready to take the plunge into more freedom and responsibility. Are you ready?  That is a deep question you must ask yourself.  It’s a huge step to go away from the cocoon of the college dorms and routine. You not only have to be responsible for your apartment’s cleanliness, laundry, follow the lease rules, find parking space if not provided, budget for utilities and meals. If you have roommates, then you also need to consider compatibility and how to handle conflicts together.

Off campus apartment rentals in Cortland can offer you many positive experiences. Prospective off-campus renters should consider the following Pros and Cons:


No need to purchase a dining plan, so college costs may be lower

Ability to truly live like a “real-world” adult, something that many college students need to be exposed to and have the opportunity to do so

Lower living cost, depending on the type of off campus housing you chose; rent close to campus tends to be higher, while locations further away are often cheaper

Ability to choose your own roommates (or live alone)

Ability to choose the type of housing you’d like to live in and where


No “safety net”, e.g. no access to live on staff such as RAs for help or assistance

Comes with more responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, and paying bills

May be further away from the heart of campus, so some students may feel isolated

Need to pay for utilities such as water, electricity, and internet

Student may need a car to commute to campus if a bus route isn’t nearby

Cortland Student Rentals Eases the Stress

Our student housing options here at Cortland Student Rentals are beautifully maintained and many things you will need are included in the rental price. We also offer All-Inclusive pricing. Be sure to ask us.

affordable student housing in CortlandAll of our student apartments are within walking distance to both SUNY Cortland and downtown, are inspected annually, with carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. For your comfort during those cold winter months, all apartments have vinyl replacement windows, updated electrical service and new forced hot air furnaces. Snow Removal, lawn mowing and 24 Hour maintenance are services included with all of our apartments.

Renting your student apartment for the fall requires some quick footwork. The fall semester is soon upon us. Affordable student housing in Cortland can be at a minimal inventory this time of year. We do have apartments available and are ready to assist you in finding the exact unit that you will enjoy for the coming year.

Contact Cortland Student Rentals today to check availability. See current apartments and houses on our property pages.