April 24, 2019

Now is the Time to Reserve Your Student Apartments Near SUNY Cortland for Next Semester

affordable student housing in Cortland

Student apartments are always in demand in college towns, so now is the time to reserve your student apartments near SUNY Cortland. Although the majority of students wait until mid-summer to start looking for a safe, attractive place to live during the school year, they are often surprised to find that some of the best apartments have already been snapped up.

Timing is Everything When Looking for Apartment Rentals Near SUNY Cortland

The school year may start in the fall for most students, but there are a lot of students who get a leg up on their work by enrolling in summer courses. These students need year round housing and many have already found a place to live or are actively seeking a rental right now. There are also students who decide to stay in Cortland over the summer after their classes end for the year. They may have a summer job in town or decide to stay to take advantage of independent living and the opportunity to stay in touch with friends during the warm, summer months. With so much to do on the SUNY Cortland campus and in the surrounding area, it’s not a surprise that some renters extend their lease through the summer and into the next school year. Because of this, you may be surprised to find that there aren’t as many student apartment rentals near SUNY Cortland as you would think.

The Advantages of Reserving an Apartment Now

The longer you wait to find a safe, attractive and affordable, the more limited your options will be. As in most college towns, there are thousands of students looking for student apartment rentals near SUNY Cortland. Regardless of when you fill out a lease application, you’ll likely be competing against several other students who are also interested in the apartment you’re looking at. By applying now instead of later, you’ll minimize the competition and improve your chances of being selected by the landlord or property management company.

There are several other advantages to reserving your apartment now instead of waiting until later this summer or just before classes start, including:

  • More selection. While this sounds obvious, many students are dismayed when they are looking for a three bedroom apartment in the later summer or fall and discover the three bedroom options have all been snapped up. Settling on a smaller apartment or one that isn’t properly furnished is an unfortunate reality for many renters who wait until the last minute to start their search for student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland. If you have specific requirements, now is the time to reserve an apartment.
  • More time for moving in and getting settled. When you move in, give yourself a few weeks to adjust to your new place and find out what you need. You may discover you need some supplies you hadn’t thought about and you won’t want to have to scramble to get them right before classes start. Having time to settle in means you’ll already be ahead of the game when classes resume.
  • You’ll have time to explore the neighborhood and get to know the area. Knowing where the nearest gas station, mini mart, pizza place and book store are located in relation to your apartment rental in Cortland can help you map out all the essentials.
  • You’ll love relaxing in your already established apartment while the majority of students are struggling to move into their rentals at the last minute. By reserving your apartment early and moving in before the rush, you can bypass clogged roads and hallways and competing for elevators or stairwells.
  • If you’re like many SUNY students, you’ll be looking for a part-time job to help with tuition and books. The earlier you move into an apartment, the sooner you can look for a part-time job, work-study opportunity or even that plum internship.

At Cortland Student Rentals, we have plenty of apartment rental options both large and small, all located in safe, attractive neighborhoods. Call us today before the apartment that’s right for you is gone.