November 8, 2017

Now is the Time to Start looking for your Cortland Student Apartment Rentals for Next Semester


The next semester is soon upon us and if you are a new or returning student, this is the time to reserve your affordable student housing in Cortland. Many folks wait until the last minute to locate apartments for rent in Cortland. With so many students and professionals in the area, housing can be at a shortage should you wait too long.

We recommend that you try to reserve your preferred apartment or house well in advance of the semester during which you will be attending. With that said, sometimes things just happen and it is necessary to locate apartment rentals in Cortland. If you can visit our location, please contact us to have a tour of available properties and complete a rental application if you find one you like.

affordable student housing in CortlandOur units are meticulously maintained and close to college life. As you browse through our listings, you will note that we do provide some furnishings such as living room and bedroom items. You really only need to bring lamps, linens and other small items. This makes it much easier when moving!

We provide 24/7 maintenance staff for your needs. Repairs are made quickly and you can count on being satisfied. Do call us immediately with any issues, problems or questions in order that we can get things sorted out for you.

Apartment Rentals in Cortland

Cortland, New York is a busy and exciting area. Students enjoy the vibrant lifestyle and activities that abound in the locale. First year college students must reside on campus and although this is an excellent way to immerse oneself in college life, it does grow tiresome for many students.

The lack of privacy, the noise and the impact of dorm rules can impact on your freedom and independence. It is also well known that the cost of living on campus can be a hefty one. The room, fees and meal plans can take a huge bite out of your budget, and incur long-term loan expenses.

affordable student rental in Cortland off campusLiving off campus provides you greater freedom, privacy and quiet which allows a more productive study time, and a less expensive way to live. You choose your food/groceries according to your likes and dislikes (rather than having to eat what the dining hall provides). You make your own hours and are not subject to dorm rules. So if a study group lasts well into the night, there won’t be a penalty to worry about.

Consider apartment rentals in Cortland when you are ready to branch out on your own. Be sure to compare apartments, management companies, lease agreements and what is or is not included in the lease. Residence life and the college admissions people will also be great sources of recommendations and references. Cortland Student Apartment Rentals has worked closely with the colleges in the area to provide excellent and safe living arrangements for students working on their higher education goals.

Contact us as soon as possible to either arrange a tour of available rental units (apartments or houses) or reserve your preferred unit directly. We look forward to providing you a safe, quiet, and well-maintained apartment for the coming semester.