apartments near SUNY Cortland

Top Budget Tips for College Students Living on Your Own

Student housing near SUNY Cortland

College is not easy. Especially with the piles of homework that students have to go through, the long study hours, and last but not least, the money. College is expensive, but it doesn’t have to completely wipe you out.  Cortland Student Rentals provides exceptional off-campus housing to students during the school year.  Visit the website […]

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Don’t Forget About Your Schoolwork Now That You Are Living Off-Campus!

student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland

Living off campus is one of the best experiences during college. No dorm checks or curfews, roommates you love, a kitchen to cook real food in, privacy in your own bedroom, and quiet when you need to, ya know…study! When searching for the best affordable student apartments near SUNY Cortland, students love the beautifully furnished […]

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A little independence through off campus living at SUNY Cortland

affordable student housing in Cortland

College is a memorable, worthwhile experience. Going to college means gaining valuable knowledge and discovering how to pursue passions and talents. College years are a great time to meet a variety of friends, some of which will stay in your life for decades to come. Many of the best connections are made with college roommates. […]

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Fall semester is approaching fast for SUNY Cortland students

student apartments near SUNY Cortland

  Fall semester is approaching fast for SUNY Cortland students so don’t wait to look for housing! There are so many options for apartments for rent in Cortland but they will not be there for too long.  What are my options? There is something for everyone, and we have something to share. Cortland Student Rentals […]

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Adjusting to Off Camps Apartment Living During COVID-19

Staying Clean and Healthy Off-campus

COVID-19 has sent such large shockwaves through the economy that many college students and their families are left wondering how to make the best decision for housing this fall. In the wake of COVID-19, more college students are choosing to live off-campus. With on-campus room and board costs skyrocketing by 20% during the last decade, […]

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