July 24, 2022

Take Time Out from Your Summer Fun to Secure Your Fall Semester Housing

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Summer is the best time of the year to be a student. After a long Spring Semester and the always dreaded Final Exams, we’re out of class, back home for family and friends, or jet-setting around the globe, taking in all the sights and sounds we’ve been missing while cooped up at SUNY Cortland.

It’s easy to get taken by the wanderlust, and while you’re thinking about whether or not you could realistically live in Ibiza after graduation, you’re forgetting that you haven’t found a place to live next semester!

The clock is ticking, and time is running out to secure your Fall Semester housing. You need affordable student apartments near SUNY Cortland so you can get that perfect mix of off-campus freedom and on-campus convenience.

You need Cortland Student Rentals.

Why Cortland Student Rentals?

Cortland Student Rentals specializes in student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland. This takes the hassle out of traditional apartment shopping and simplifies the process, giving students a streamlined solution to all their housing needs.

Need spacious living quarters? Not a problem. They’ve got you covered.

Apartment rentals in Cortland New York 02How about pre-furnished spaces? Most Cortland Student Rentals include the following to make your move even simpler:

  • A full-size bed
  • A dresser
  • A computer desk and chair
  • A full-length mirror
  • Smoke detectors

Some premium listings may even include:

  • Leather furniture
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • A dishwasher

Cortland Student Rentals offers some of the best and most competitively-priced student apartments for rent in Cortland, providing you unparalleled living accommodations, service, convenience, and savings too!

A Stone’s Throw from Campus

We don’t deny that dorm life has its perks. You’re super close to campus, allowing you to perfectly procrastinate and wait until that precise last minute to slip out the door and get to class just in time to be on time. 

Plus, your friends are nearby. Some are a short walk, others in the same dorm hall, or they may even live on your floor for a quick stroll two doors down for an impromptu get-together any time.

Luckily, Cortland Student Rentals are mere minutes from campus. Even in the most icy of brick-cold Cortland winter days, you’ll never need to be outside too long before getting to class or arriving at your friend’s place.

Better yet, convince them to come off-campus and get away from the pesky roommate, neighbors, or RA that won’t stop “just checking in” as an excuse to talk about crypto. We get it, Scott. We’re sure you’ll be a millionaire tomorrow with all those NFTs.

Get Out on the Town

One of the best things that makes Cortland Student Rentals the best apartments for rent in Cortland is that, while close to campus, they’re also in the heart of the action. You’re minutes from all the best bars and restaurants for some much-needed reprieve from your rigorous academic schedule.

Unwind with a brew and a burger at Dark Horse Tavern, grab a brick-oven pizza at BRIX, or pick up a sushi sashimi combo from Wild Ginger. Mosey on down to the Red Jug Tavern and trade Cortaca stories with fellow students or local barflies. Take a stroll through the nearby Courthouse Park or Randall Park.

Not only are you close to local haunts, watering holes, and dining options, there is a plethora of grocery stores, laundromats, pharmacies, and other essentials within a few miles. Some are even within a mile, making it walkable for those that chose not to bring a car to school.

There’s loads to do and places to see once you’re well caught up on your studies. All the things that make Cortland such a great college town are at your fingertips when you live in a rental right in the middle of it all.

Time is Running Out!

We know you pride yourself on your perfect procrastination skills and know precisely how long it takes to make it happen. Good for you that you always slip through the door in time, but the door on getting your Fall Semester housing is rapidly coming to a close. With so many students set to return to Cortland this fall, apartments are a commodity and they will go fast. Don’t lose out and worry about where you’ll be living when you should be worrying about your course load, social life, and post grad plans instead.

Don’t wait any longer! Call Cortland Student Rentals and secure your Fall Semester housing now!