June 12, 2019

The Benefits of Living Off Campus at SUNY Cortland

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Those first two, required years living in a dorm at SUNY Cortland can be a wonderful way to get to know the campus and some of your fellow students. They can also be quite restrictive and not always comfortable. High rise living definitely isn’t for everybody, and dorm rooms are often small and not very attractive. On the other hand, once you look at the benefits of living off campus in student apartments near SUNY Cortland, you’ll be impressed with the many advantages of living off campus.

More Space

Off campus apartments give you so much more space than a dorm room does. You don’t have to worry apartments near SUNY Cortland about being crammed into a small room that has be your bedroom, kitchen, study and entertaining area all in one.

Our apartment rentals in Cortland ensure you’ll have separate living areas for everything you want to do. You’ll have a dedicated kitchen, so preparing a late night snack or cooking a special meal for a date are easy things to do. You’ll also have tons of cabinet space and refrigerator space for all your favorite foods, so you’ll make far fewer late-night snack runs. Studying for an exam? You can spread out all over your living room without impinging on someone else’s space and be truly comfortable while cramming or working on a report.


Your bedroom belongs to you alone and doesn’t need to be shared with a roommate who doesn’t understand boundaries. You can stay up all night or turn in early without you disturbing anyone or anyone disturbing you. Just close your bedroom door and you’ll have all the privacy you need. It’s not always possible when you share a dorm room with someone who keeps different hours than you.

Are you dating someone? The privacy of student apartments near SUNY Cortland mean you can invite someone over for a nice, relaxing evening without worrying about a roommate’s presence. After all, you’ll each have your own bedroom.

Less Noise

One of the most common complaints we hear about dorm living is the noise. Even if you and your roommate are quiet, that doesn’t mean you won’t be subjected to lots of noise from everyone else on your hallway. Other students tramping in and out at all hours of the night, tipsy people shouting or singing on the weekend, arguments down the hall…all that goes away in our student apartments close to SUNY Cortland. Your apartment will become your castle and you’ll determine the noise level.

Real World Living Plus Amenities

One of the greatest benefits of living off campus is setting your own routine and having access to all the amenities of independent living. We offer a variety of student apartments near SUNY Cortland that are close to local restaurants and hang-outs, so you can walk to everywhere with ease. You’ll also be living life more like it will be in the “real world” once you graduate. You’ll be paying your own bills and buying your own groceries, but you’ll have great amenities like trash service and lawn mowing. It’s really the best of both worlds.