August 14, 2019

The Essentials to Bring with You to Your New Apartment

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When you’re looking for student apartments for rent in Cortland, you’re probably focusing on what kind of apartment you want, where it will be located and how much it will cost. You’re a long way from deciding what will be essential to bring to your new apartment, but you shouldn’t put off making your list until the last minute. In fact, if you have an app on your phone for making lists, you might want to create

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a list now and add items to it as you think of them. That way, once you’ve found your SUNY Cortland apartment, you’ll be able to quickly get what you need in one or two shopping trips.

A Furnished Apartment Makes It Easier
One of the advantages of furnished student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland is that you won’t need to put as many things on your list of essentials. We have apartments with one, two, three or up to six bedrooms that are fully furnished, including smaller items such as lamps to ensure plenty of light for studying. With every piece of furniture in place, from kitchen table and chairs to your bed and desk, you can focus on smaller items. There’s no need to spend you money on expensive furniture or to scrounge around secondhand shops trying to find decent used furniture. All our furniture is in attractive, high quality and in great shape. But what about what you DO still need on your list of essentials?

Living Room Requirements
You’ll spend a lot of time in your living room or common area, so it’s nice to know you won’t need to bring much to furnish the space if you’ve chosen one of our furnished apartments for rent in Cortland. You’ll want to personalize the space a bit with throws, decorate pillows and plants, but everything you’ll need is already there except for your television set. Don’t forget that! Also, if you have a stereo system, put that on your list of essentials for your new apartment.

Bedroom Essentials
Start making your list with your bedroom. If you’ve leased one of the apartments for rent in Cortland from us, you won’t need to worry about the furniture, mirrors, or lighting, but you will want to bring:
• Bedding (preferably two sets)
• Artwork for the walls
• Decorative window treatments (blinds are already in place for privacy)
• Hangers
• Wastepaper basket
• Extra storage bins
• Laundry Hamper or Basket

Kitchen Essentials
The kitchen is one place where you’ll need to add some basics that you’ll need to fully take advantage of your kitchen space. We provide the appliances, table and chairs, but you’ll need some essentials for apartments near SUNY Cortlandcooking and entertaining:
• Pots and pans
• Utensils and cutting board
• Toaster or toaster oven
• Dish rags and potholders/oven mitts
• Flatware and dishes
• Pantry and food items, including condiments
• Coffee maker/teapot
• Dish soap, drain board and cleaning supplies
• Paper towels

Bathroom Essentials
Having a private bathroom instead of having to share with several people is one of the true joys of furnished student apartments for rent in Cortland. No more schlepping your shampoo, razors, soap and other toiletries down the hall every night! Since you’ll have a spacious medicine cabinet and vanity, you can stock up on all the bathroom necessities, including:
• Shower curtain, bathmat and bath rug
• Towels and washcloths
• Toiletries & Makeup
• Toilet brush and cleaning supplies
• Trash can
• Toilet paper
• Air freshener

You’ll also want to have some items in our new apartment that aren’t easily categorized as belonging to one room. They are, however, essential to successful living in your new apartment:
• Laundry supplies
• Dust rags and cleaning supplies
• Vacuum cleaner
• Toolkit
• First aid kit
• Extension cords, batteries and surge protectors
• Flashlight

After you prepare your list of essentials, do some browsing around town to see what you can purchase locally or order what you need and arrange to have it delivered directly to your apartment. You’ll still have to pack up and move personal items such as clothing, but the bulk of the moving will already be done.