July 12, 2017

Things to do in Cortland New York

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Cortland, NY is a beautiful and historic area which provides many unique opportunities for families, college students and professionals alike. Our university friends who enjoy affordable student housing in Cortland often bring along friends and family to share some of the area’s exciting and engaging locations and activities.

There are splendid museums, concert halls, theater groups, nature trails and centers, fun activities for the entire family and just about anything you could want to do within a short drive around the area.

apartment rentals in CortlandCortland Student Rentals staff are always available to answer questions and direct you to some of the local attractions. Walking through town, you are sure to encounter a plethora of awesome little shops and cafes that will quench your thirst and fill your belly.  The food in the area is beyond compare.

Things to do in Cortland

Lime Hollow Nature Center

The Center encompasses nearly 430 acres of beautiful rolling hills and shallow glacial valleys (kame-and-kettle topography), forests, fields, streams, numerous ponds, including many marl ponds and vernal (seasonal) pools, a peat bog, and a great diversity of flora and fauna. Located on the border between Cortland and Tompkins Counties, in beautiful upstate New York, we offer over 12 miles of open-to-the-public, entrance-fee free trails, public nature programs, and adventure day camps for youth.

CNY Living History

things to do in CortlandThe Homeville Museum – American and local military and railroad history collections from the Civil War era to the present. The Homeville Museum is the private treasure trove of the late Ken Eaton, who passed away in February 2006 at the age of 80. A WWII veteran, Ken Eaton spent more than 35 years assembling this collection of over 10,000 items that visiting museum curators have pronounced as “wondrous”, “unique” and “irreplaceable”. In the collection are rare items of local and national political and economic significance, a massive collection of model trains including a huge panoramic display, and a military collection that is second to none. This collection has direct connections to local history and veterans, from the Civil War to the Gulf War and includes several military vehicles. In 2005, a group of volunteers interested in preserving Ken Eaton’s lifetime of work formed the Homeville Museum, Inc., a NYS chartered museum NFP corporation with the provisions for operating a historical museum. Homeville Museum, Inc. seeks to purchase and house the collection, intact, to preserve the memory of Ken Eaton’s life’s work and to add to its immeasurable value to the community.


The 1890 House Museum

The impressive limestone mansion, now called the 1890 House Museum, was once the home of 19th century Industrialist Chester F. Wickwire. Born in 1843, Chester grew up on the family farm in McGraw, east of Cortland. As a young man, he moved to Cortland and opened a grocery store on Main Street. Gradually, the grocery store became a hardware business. Chester’s brother, Theodore, joined him in the business. In 1873, the brothers received a carpet loom as payment for a debt. Adapting the loom to weave wire, Chester transformed the hardware store into a major manufacturing firm that would impact the nation.

Apartments for Rent in Cortland

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