November 16, 2022

Tips to secure your off-campus apartment while you are gone between semesters

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Classes will be ending soon; you studied hard and missed out on all of the parties and social gatherings of the season. It paid off, though, because your exams are over, and you need a well-deserved break. You’ve made plans to leave the apartment for a celebratory getaway, and you can’t wait to close the books and hit the open road. If you live in one of our cozy and affordable student apartments near SUNY Cortland, you understand how having a place to call home away from home has helped your academic success.

Whether your plans are over the long summer break or during the shorter winter and spring breaks, you should consider what you’ll do with your apartment while you’re away. It won’t hurt to have a plan if you live alone and your apartment will be vacant while you’re gone. Here are some reminders to help you keep your apartment safe while you’re away.

Secure Your Apartment While You’re Gone

  • Make sure to pay your rent and utilities – You don’t want to return from your vacation and not have an apartment. Student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland are popular and trendy, so don’t risk eviction by not paying your rent. You also want the lights to work, so pay your rent and utilities before you leave. That way, you’ll have a home to return to and electricity to keep that beloved iPhone charged and the internet running.
  • Turn down the thermostat – Before you leave, turn the thermostat down or off to save on your utility bill. There’s no sense in running your heat or air conditioner to keep your furniture comfortable. Turn it down to save you some cash and conserve energy.
  • Clean fridge in Cortland Off Campus RentalClean out your fridge – It’s time to throw the take-out boxes and smelly milk containers away. Don’t give unwanted pests food sources in your apartment while you’re gone. Besides, old food stinks.
  • Take out the trash – You’d be surprised how many people forget to grab it on their way out. Remove all your garbage, including the 10-day-old pizza boxes and potato chip bags, and toss them on your way out. Remember, don’t feed the pests.
  • Take photos/videos of your apartment and remaining belongings – It might be a good idea to take pictures or videos of your apartment for any insurance claims you need to file when you return. This way, your renter’s insurance company can process claims faster since you have documented evidence of your belongings and the apartment’s condition before any claims were filed.
  • Lock windows/doors – Make it more challenging for intruders to enter your apartment by locking all windows and doors when you leave. Leave your spare keys with someone you trust in case of an emergency.

Thinking About Living Off-Campus?

While you were gone between semesters, you might have thought about living off campus, especially if you’re tired of the noise and the hassles. If you are still living on campus but want your own place to study and relax, Cortland Student Rentals has many student apartments for rent in Cortland at an affordable price range. 

You’ll see some unexpected benefits of living off campus and in your own spot. You can decide whether to live alone or with roommates and choose who you share an apartment with.

Believe it or not, you’ll save money on living expenses, goods and services, and amenities. Rent and utilities are much cheaper split among roommates. You’ll save money on food since you can shop and cook for yourself. And if you have a car, you’ll have a place to park at your apartment and not worry about finding a parking space in the back forty that you pay quite a bit for each month.

If your interest is piqued, you should start your rental journey by looking at Cortland Student Rentals apartments for rent in Cortland. There are 1-5 bedroom units available close to campus, quiet, furnished, and in every price range.