April 21, 2022

To Live Alone or Share an Apartment with others Things to Know

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Ready to live off-campus? 

While living in the dorms can be exciting and convenient, living off-campus comes with a host of benefits. Having your own space or being able to enjoy activities without bothering a roommate are just a few benefits of off-campus living. When you search for apartments for rent in Cortland, it can be daunting! Be sure to know your budget, the parking situation, and if you’ll enjoy having a roommate or two, or prefer your own space. We’ll help you with some quick facts about both options to help with your search for the perfect off-campus housing. 

Living alone in your new Cortland Apartment

Our college years are exciting and full of new people, experiences, and lots of growth! Everyone’s college experience is unique to their needs and goals and we learn a lot about ourselves during this time. When you’ve decided that living off-campus is the next step and begin searching for affordable student apartments near SUNY Cortland, you’ll need to decide if you’d like to live alone or with roommates. 

While living with your best friend or your group of friends sounds like the best time ever, it comes with challenges that should be carefully considered. Most importantly, will your roommates share their portion of the rent, utilities, and food? Most rental contracts hold all members responsible for rent and you don’t want to ruin a friendship because someone isn’t paying their share. 

Study Peacefully in Off- Campus HousingYou should also consider your studying goals and how having roommates will affect those goals. Will they want to go out constantly or have movie nights every night? Do they have significant others that will crash over often or disrupt your quiet time? Living alone can provide a space that is completely yours and free of outside distractions. 

If you’ve decided that living alone is your best option, also consider that you will be paying the rent, utilities, and buying food on your own. This isn’t always an easy task, even with affordable student apartments for rent in Cortland. If you are able to work a part-time job or have other means of paying the bills and time to study, great! But don’t let the thought of paying for everything on your own stress you out. Think carefully about this decision and how it will best benefit your needs and goals. 

Living with Roommates in a Cortland Apartment 

Roommates can easily form into life-long friendships and create some of the best memories of your life. When looking at student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland, you’ll find plenty of options for housing that accommodates multiple people. There will even be options for people looking for roommates, the perfect time to meet new people! Sharing a space with others can be difficult, and much like living alone should be thought about carefully. 

Do you trust that your roommates will pay their portions of the bills? Will they respect your privacy and stay out of your room while you’re gone? How about splitting up chores, such as cleaning the bathroom or washing dishes? Not everyone is a great roommate, but with clear communication and ground rules, you and your friends can enjoy living off-campus. 

Many people do not think of the benefits of having a roommate beyond splitting the bills. Roommates can become people you rely on for life advice, help with studying, and going out for fun activities. They can be the person who picks you up late at night when you need a ride or make breakfast together for a lazy Sunday. Of course, you don’t have to be best friends with your roommates but being civil and helping each other out can still be beneficial.