April 12, 2017

To Live On-Campus or Off-Campus Next Semester

Traditional students who are attending or planning to attend SUNY or other local colleges here in Cortland have big decisions to make. One of which is whether to choose to live on campus or off campus. Freshmen (first-year students) often don’t have a choice and must live in dormitories or on-campus housing. But second-year students and others can make a choice to spread their wings a bit by looking at off-campus solutions.

Apartment rentals in Cortland are plentiful and seek to provide excellent housing opportunities for one student to a group of students who want to share expenses. Not all units are affordable student housing in Cortland and you really must investigate the individual properties, owners, management companies and locations.

On-Campus or Off-Campus Lifestyle

Living in the university dorms is probably the easier option only because everything is basically included and readily accessible. Everything from personal assistance in times of distress, your classrooms, the incredibly short commute (saves you from being late for class for the most part), the school library, the gym, dining hall, friends and just an overall hassle-free experience.

There are negatives of course, the biggest of which is the close quarters and the sharing space with so many other students. Most dorm rooms do not have private bathrooms so even that can be most uncomfortable for shy students. The noise level can be horrendous, and you could get paired with a difficult roommate who makes your space seem totally off kilter.

Off campus life gives you the freedom and experience to merge into adulthood at your own pace and learn the ropes while still having the safety net of the college nearby. Students are happy to share their off-campus experiences, recommend areas and neighborhoods, and vouch for particular landlords. They’ll also warn you off property owners that can cause problems or properties that are in poor condition.

Cortland Student Rentals are extremely proud of our apartment units, houses and maintenance. All our properties are in excellent condition and we offer amenities you just will not get elsewhere. Our properties are actually listed on SUNY’s pages.

Choosing to live off campus requires you to make arrangements often times to install cable and wi-fi (though our units are all ready wired for both). You have to remember to pay your bills on time and you have to keep your trash picked up and removed, your apartment clean and free from fire hazards, and you still need to be courteous of your neighbors and not have late loud parties that could affect others.

Weigh The Costs – Both Financially and Personally

You need affordable student housing in Cortland and we strongly suggest you look at our offerings. The cost of on-campus and off-campus can be close unless you choose to share with some friends. We have some great multi-bedroom units that would suit you and a group of friends quite well. If you are looking to live off campus and want to share an apartment but don’t have any friends yet, let us know. We have other students looking to share and we can help you get in touch.

Cortland Student Rentals offers you the best, safe, clean apartments with value for your money. Call us today to speak with one of our staff directly. We aim to provide the apartments for rent in Cortland that you need to make your stay here enjoyable