November 27, 2019

Top 5 Advantages Of Living Off – Campus in Cortland

Student Doing Yoga at home. Student apartment rentals near SUNY Cortland give you space and privacy.

While dorm living has its charms, off-campus living is preferred by most college students these days. There are so many advantages to living off-campus that most students start looking for off-campus student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland weeks or even months before classes start. There are at student apartment rentals in Cortlandleast five major reasons why students at SUNY Cortland tend to prefer living away from campus that are common to college students everywhere.

Life Experience

While being away at college is in part about becoming independent, living in a dorm is still a highly structured setting with someone else in charge. You don’t have to budget for food, prepare your own meals or even clean your bathroom. Living off-campus means living as an adult. You’ll learn responsibility by shopping for your groceries, paying your monthly rent, taking care of your apartment, cleaning and more. When you leave, you’ll have learned a great deal about living on your own and taking care of the necessities of life.

Saving Money

Student apartments for rent in Cortland are quite affordable compared to living on campus and paying for both your dorm room and your meal plan. Making your own meals means less wasted food because you’re only buying and preparing food you actually like. If you’re sharing your apartment with others, you’re dividing the cost even more. In most cases, renting an apartment is less expensive than the cost of a dorm room and meal plan while giving you more freedom to dine when and what you like.


Living in a dorm means having a at least a dozen other people living on the same floor and having a resident advisor monitoring your comings and goings. It’s almost like living at home with your parents keeping an eye on you! If you’re dating someone, everyone on the hall will know about it soon enough. If you prefer to keep your private life private, apartments for rent in Cortland can provide that privacy. You’ll come and go as you please and you won’t have a bunch of people watching you when you have an apartment.


Living in a dorm room requires maximum use of space, which can be very difficult. You’re trying to cram everything you need for everyday living into a tiny room with one closet and dresser for your stuff. With an apartment, you have room to spread out and you can bring a lot more of the stuff you need and love. Your bike? No problem! Want room to spread out and do yoga? Great! Love to cook and want a spacious kitchen? There are lots of student apartments for rent in Cortland that give you room to spread out.

Rent Referrals

When you graduate and get your first job, you’ll need to rent an apartment close to where you work. Unfortunately, if you don’t have any kind of track record as a tenant, you’ll be on the bottom of the list when you apply for a place. If you’ve rented a student apartment in Cortland while you’re in college, you’ll already have referrals to show to prospective landlords. Having a referral will let them know you have the experience and reliability to be a good tenant, making it easier to find a place to live when you graduate.

At Cortland Student Rentals, we have student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland in a variety of sizes and with a wide range of floor plans. We’ll be glad to work with you to find the perfect place for you to live and enjoy the many advantages of off-campus living.