August 7, 2018

Top Five Things to Pack for Your New Apartment

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The time is here and you will be moving into your new apartment for the fall semester of college. A new apartment can be exciting as well as daunting. So many things to plan out, budget for, arrange, organize and prepare for that it can be very overwhelming.

It’s always a good idea to write down a list (albeit a long list) of necessities to get you started. You probably will forget things, but if you have the major needs on hand, you can obtain additional items as needed.

You’ve found affordable student housing in Cortland, which is a huge plus. You’ve signed the contract, made your deposit and are ready to move in. Cortland Student Rentals provides furnished apartments which can really cut down on your expenses both in purchases and moving large items).

What’s Included For You

furnished apartments CortlandNot many apartments for rent in Cortland provide you with the basic furnishings for your new abode. Cortland Student Rentals is proud to be able to offer you furnished apartments and houses that will ease the stress of packing. You just need to bring the necessities.

Living Rooms Include:
Coffee Table
End Tables
TV Stand

Kitchen Includes:
Modern Appliances
Table & Chairs

Bedroom includes:
Full-Size Bed w/Deluxe Mattress
Desk & Chair
Full length mirror
Individual Key Locked Bedrooms

What Should You Bring? – Five Top Categories of Necessities

Honestly, there are more than 5 essentials for your new apartment, but let’s look at the most valuable to start with.

Your electronics – that goes without saying. You can’t function without them. Might as well include an alarm clock in this category!

student apartments in Cortland1)  Bedroom will need linens – sheets, blankets, pillows. Your own linens will bring you comfort from being ones you brought from home or brand new lively ones you purchased yourself. A good night’s sleep is imperative while studying.

2)  Bathroom – a scale, linens, shower caddy. Most of us can’t live without a scale to keep an eye on those calories, so yes, an important item. Towels of all sizes can’t be done without. And a shower caddy to keep your items contained, especially if you are sharing an apartment with other roommates.

3) Kitchen – dishes, utensils, cookware. Without the basics in the kitchen, cooking your own food is going to be difficult. You’ll also want to remember some basic utensils such as a can opener, strainer for macaroni, and long handled cooking utensils.
4) Flashlight. A fact of life is that the electricity can go out during huge storms. A flashlight comes in handy for those occasions or simply as a safety item should you need it.
5) Tools – hammer and screwdriver. Things break. Maybe a screw fell out of the desk, or you need to hang some pictures. Always have basic tools with you.

Your First Apartment in Cortland

Having searched for apartment rentals in Cortland and settling on the perfect unit for yourself and/or roommates, you are on your way to an exciting time in Cortland. The opportunity to be out on your own and experience the beginnings of independent living is the first major step into adulthood. Sounds a bit quaint, but seriously, the experiences and lessons you will learn at this stage of your life are paramount in setting you off on the right foot.

Never hesitate to ask questions regardless of the situation. Your family, friends and professors are great sources, and our staff here at Cortland Student Rentals are available to assist you with any questions about your apartment. Enjoy the fall semester here in Cortland!