May 8, 2018

Why Having Your Own Rental Apartment Means Never Having to Find a Quiet Spot to Study for Finals

student apartment rentals in Cortland

College students in Cortland are finishing up, studying for finals, and looking forward to their summer plans. If you are one of those students working hard to study for finals and having a difficult time concentrating in a dorm room, library or other area, you may want to think about apartment rentals in Cortland for the coming semesters.

First-year college students are required, for the most part, to live on campus in dorms. It’s a quick immersion into college life but certainly doesn’t suit every student. The noise, constant interruptions, roommate issues, and irregular hours can take a toll and really affect your grades. Living off campus in affordable student housing in Cortland may be your answer.

Choosing to Live Off Campus

Upper class men (and women) learned early on that their personalities and personal needs required a quieter and less chaotic living arrangement. Dormitory living has its pros and cons, but off-campus living brings far more positives to the table.

student apartments CortlandWhile at college, studying has to be one of the major reasons students choose to look for apartment rentals in Cortland. Other reasons include being able to be independent, get used to being on their own, being able to choose their own food purchases and menus, privacy, and cost can be major influences. It is much easier to be focused and concentrate on your studies when there is less noise going on around you.

Students who have moved off campus find that the cost is less than college room and board. Remember, if you live on campus, not only is the price higher, but you are rolling that into your student loans and paying for it for years and years to come.

There are excellent affordable student housing in Cortland provided by Cortland Apartments. We have been in the business of providing safe, clean and well-maintained apartments and private homes to Cortland college students for many years. Our reputation shows the quality of our units, our responsiveness to issues, and amenities included in the leases.

Our apartments and houses range from one-bedroom units to larger apartments and whole houses big enough to accommodate a group of students living together. We encourage students to share living arrangements in order to keep their costs down even more. You get to choose who you want to live with and make the arrangements to agree with each other as to responsibilities and expectations.

Look Ahead and Plan for the Future

affordable apartments for rent in CortlandMany of you will be returning after the summer break and now is a good time to consider moving off campus. We have units available for the coming 2018/2019 school year and reserving your unit now will prevent an upset in the fall.

Our units can be seen at a time that suits your schedule. Before you leave for the summer, stop by or call us for your private showing of available apartments that would suit your needs. Cortland Student Rentals should be your first choice when it comes to finding affordable rentals in Cortland. Make an appointment today to see the apartments you think you would like. Reservations being taken now!