September 16, 2019

Why Living Near SUNY Cortland is Better than Living on Campus

Apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland offer great living arrangements at lower prices than dorms.

Living on campus or living in student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland – it can be difficult to decide what’s best for you unless you have all the information you need to make the right choice. Many SUNY Cortland students feel that living near campus instead of on campus gives you some distinct advantages. You may not be aware of the many ways living in a Cortland apartment is superior to staying in a dorm room, but if you ask your friends who have chosen apartment living, you’ll get a long list or reasons that looks something like this:

You Don’t Have to Pay for  a Meal Plan

When you live on campus, you have to pay for a meal plan. Let’s be honest – how much money are you wasting by having to pay for food you’ll never eat? To get value from a meal plan you have to eat at the designated times and locations. That’s tough to do when you’re trying to study, stay involved in activities and have a social life. One of the advantages of student apartments for rent in Cortland is not having to pay an additional fee for meals. You have the freedom to buy only the foods you’ll eat, eating on your own schedule and preparing meals and snacks you actually like. You can grab a midnight snack or prepare a meal whenever you want without ever leaving your apartment.

You Have More Privacy

Privacy is in short supply when you’re living in student housing. You share a bathroom with multiple people you may not even know and you can’t lock your bedroom. When you rent an apartment in Cortland, however, you’ll have a bathroom you won’t have to share with numerous other people, so you can lock the door and take all the time you want. The same goes for your bedroom – true privacy and no sharing a tiny room with someone who snores or keeps weird hours.

You Can Move On Your Own Schedule

Student housing on campus sticks to a strict schedule. You’ll need to do your moving in and moving out on the college’s schedule. If you want to come back to school early because you have a job lined up on town or you simply want to spend some time with friends, our apartments for rent in Cortland are the way to go. We’ll work with you to find a move-in date that works for you, not the other way around.

It’s Less Expensive to Live Near SUNY Cortland

You’ll get more for your dollar when you sign a lease for student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland than if you sign an agreement for on-campus housing. Part of the savings will be not having to pay for a meal plan you won’t use, but you’ll also get much more space and nicer furnishings in one of our furnished apartments. Rather than worn, unattractive dorm furniture that’s strictly functional, you’ll be living in a beautifully furnished apartment with a full kitchen and living room as well as a private bedroom and spacious bathroom. All for thousands of dollars less per year!

You Can Set Your Own Rules

Last but certainly not least, choosing your roommates will make living in a Cortland apartment so much more enjoyable than having to put up with a roommate you just don’t mesh with. You can set your own rules, get together with your roommate only when you want to, and have guests over whenever you’d like without having to contend with lots of rules and regulations.

Live your best life in one of our SUNY Cortland apartments. You’ll wonder why you didn’t move off campus sooner!