February 17, 2022

Why You Should Consider Living Off-Campus Next Semester

Off Campus Apartments Near SUNY Cortland

Next semester, summer awaits! The shorter, less demanding summer term is a great transition period to get used to new off-campus living and new roommates. This change will set you up for success come Fall and Spring terms all over again.

They are Just Right

There is a great option for living that lies between the convenience yet discomfort of shared dorm space, and the far, coziness of your family’s home. Off-campus living either alone or with a few roommates keeps you close to campus with some extra privacy and autonomy. Really get a taste of the real world while safely exploring within the bounds of residing with other like-minded college students.

Once May is here, the warm, light weather is the perfect time to move in your wardrobe and personal items whether you’re coming from home or an on-campus dorm. There won’t be much to move if you sign the lease for one of the affordable student apartments near SUNY Cortland. Cortland Student Rentals are for students like you and have most all you would need like an on-campus dorm and even more!

Rooms Are Ready to Go

Apartment rentals in Cortland New York 07These apartments are ready for you with full-size beds, computer desks and chairs, dressers, closets, and full-length mirrors. All you really need are your summer clothes and gear, your favorite photos and collectibles, and basic necessities. Sure, you’ll need your laptop or tablet, and a couple of books, but the student apartments for rent near SUNY Cortland are move-in ready.

Anywhere from one- to six-bedroom spaces, select a new home where you can worry less with possible all-inclusive rates for fast-growing lawn mowing and trash removal. Many properties include dishwashers, and even flat-screen TV’s.

Some Great Off-Campus Properties 

Why are these student apartments for rent in Cortland better than on-campus living? To start, you’ll have laundry rooms located in your entrance hallway, be wired for cable and internet, and experience a sense of security with deadbolt entry doors, and individually keyed bedroom doors. 

Each property has smoke and CO2 detectors and fire extinguishers to keep you safe, as well as full-time staff and 24-hour maintenance. If you drive, rideshare, or walk, the well-lit parking lots are just one more item to check-off your must-haves. If you like your privacy or like the communal aspect of living with roommates, fun can await if your safety and comfort are not a worry. 

Choose the Best Environment

If you’re going to move into one of the apartments for rent in Cortland, or perhaps share a single-family home, know that this summer is the start of great new-home memories. You’re making the right choice. With amenities like none other, Cortland Student Rentals is the best option.

Pick your own roommates, get settled and start organizing who will cook on Taco Tuesday. Get acclimated whether you are registered for summer courses or not. Now is the time to start making choices that will affect your overall college-experience and growth into independent living and adulthood.